What is a Wax Rig?

wax rig

A wax rig is a specialty bong for your dab. Also referred to as a “dab rig“, or a “oil rig“, a wax rig features special percolators that creates more bubbles to cool your smoke. There are two basic designs for a wax rig, stemless and traditional. The best percolators right now you want are the honeycomb, showered, and turbine types. Our favorite is the Honeycomb percolators. These have up to 150 mini holes that the smoke must flow thru, this creates the ultimate percolation.

The shower head design guides the smoke and gently disperses the smoke upward thru a shower head shaped perc. The Turbine percolators create a whirlwind of smoke and creates a tornado with the pressure within the chamber while bubbling. Some of the fattest rips ever are achieved through turbine oil rigs.

Which ever you decide to go with make sure you keep it clean and run hot water through it every day so it will always be ready for the next dab.

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