911 Pocket Dial Leads To Marijuana Arrest

jared edward schorle

A Louisiana man was arrested for marijuana possession after accidentally pocket dialing 911.  After the call was made, police officers tracked him down with the assistant of an emergency dispatcher. The dispatcher who listened to the accidentally-dialed call, heard a female voice tell the suspect, to get out of the vehicle if he was going to smoke. After police located the sight of the call through the 911 system, officers found it coming from a 2001 White Ford pickup truck in a parking lot.  The arrested man was identified as twenty one year old Jared Edward Schorle.  According to reports,  Schorle’s girlfriend told officers there was marijuana in the glove box of the car, and Schorle admitted it was his.  Officers removed one gram of marijuana and two pipes from the truck taking Schorle into custody.

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