Calzina Rose – Miss High Times January 2011

clazina rose

High Times Magazine holds an annual Miss High times Contest.  The magazine has gotten a lot of attention for it’s  Contest. They bring together stoner gals from all around the world and let their audience decide which of them is the most beautiful. It’s like the Miss America pageant, except for pot lovers only, and bikinis are 24/7 attire.

Calzina Rose, from Newport Beach, is Miss High Times for January 2011. Clazina works in not one but two medical marijuana dispensaries and has attended and tirelessly promoted at nearly every major marijuana event we can think of, including the Champs convention in Las Vegas, our Stony Awards in Hollywood, and our Medical Marijuana Cups in Denver and San Francisco. She’s modeled for Grassroots Hats, the official hat maker of the Cannabis Cup. She’s also a member of NORML, half Dutch (her dad was raised in Holland), and was ganja girl of the month in our once-in-a-lifetime 420th collector’s issue.  Clazina will be receiving a free trip to Amsterdam this November to be a celebrity judge at the 24th Annual Cannabis Cup, as well as a HIGH TIMES prize pack and many other exciting opportunities.

High Times magazine  says this kind of entertainment brings more attention to the cannabis movement. Even though, most men don’t need any reason to see a hot girl in a bikini.  Women may disagree, but High Times even offers a top ten mens list for them.

All of the women who take part in Miss High Times, love pot and love pot culture. An increasing number of them are also medical marijuana patients. The girls are able to express their love of cannabis and be sexy too. Miss High Times is just another way to celebrate our love for pot.

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