Cannabis Freedom Festival 2011

cannabis festival

The Melbourne Florida Cannabis Action Network has announced their Florida cannabis Festival will be set for the weekend of November 26-27 this year at the Wickham Park Main Pavilion in Melbourne, FL.  The event is scheduled for either rain or shine and among some of the speakers there, former Libertarian U.S. Senatorial candidate, Alexander will make an appearance.  This is a free speech event and the permit allows for the dissemination of literature, display of art and educational materials, as well as the distribution of first amendment materials and art for donations.

Even though the theme will appear to be about ways to legalize marijuana use, it is actually about legalizing freedom. It is about removing the unsubstantiated government propaganda on cannabis and the non-drug hemp.  The Cannabis Freedom Festival is about much more than just letting someone smoke pot for medicinal or recreational purposes. It is much more than enabling us to start manufacturing hemp (again in the United States instead of having to import it) or having marijuana taxes boost the economy. It is about freedom of the individual, something many Americans feel has gone away from what once made this country great.

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