J.T. Thomas Arrested For Marijuana

jt thomas

J.T. Thomas, linebacker for the Chicago Bears, was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor possession of less than 15 grams of marijuana early Monday morning.  He is facing a misdemeanor drug possession charge after police in West Virginia said they caught him driving the wrong way down a one-way street and found marijuana in his car.

When asked to provide his registration for his car, he pulled a bundle from his glove compartment which contained two plastic bags of a green leafy substance that looked to be marijuana, according to the criminal complaint.

Thomas was in Morgantown for the weekend raising money for his foundation. The Florida native was injured for his rookie season with the Bears.

“We are aware of the arrest of J.T. Thomas in Morgantown, W.V.,” The Bears said in a statement. “We are currently gathering information to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the arrest.”

It seems more and more these days, celebrities are making the news, but not for something positive they did, but for being arrested.  More and more of the celebrities are ending up being athletes, but they are not being busted for steroids or other stimulate drugs so much as marijuana.  I guess everyone need a little rest and relaxation, not like pot is going to make him faster, stronger or anything else one may say is cheating the sport.

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