Jimmy Kimmel Confronts Obama On Marijuana Crackdowns

Jimmy Kimmel and Obama Interview

During the the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner, talk show host and comedian, Jimmy Kimmel, made a remark on the legalization of marijuana issue. He said what I’m sure millions of us are thinking and want to say.

“What is with the marijuana crackdown? Seriously, what is the concern? We will deplete the nation’s Funyun supply?” Kimmel said. “Pot smokers vote too. Sometimes a week after the election, but they vote.”

Kimmel then posed a challenge to the crowd, which was made up of many celebrities

“I would like everyone in this room to raise your hand if you’ve never smoked pot,” Kimmel said.

Few hands went up.

Noting the crowd’s reaction, Kimmel addressed President Barack Obama directly.

“Marijuana is something that real people care about,” Kimmel said.

Obama, has increased the crackdown on medical marijuana producers across the nation. Kimmel addressed the crackdown and attempted to clarify his 2008 comments that Obama was “not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on medical marijuana, in which Obama recently told Rolling Stone.

Attorney General Eric Holder was a guest of The Huffington Post at the correspondents’ dinner. Before it began, a HuffPost reporter noted to Holder that Obama’s reference to “congressional law” was misleading because the executive branch could simply remove marijuana from its “schedule one” designation, thereby recognizing its medical use.

“That’s right,” Holder said.

After Kimmel’s speech, a Holder deputy told HuffPost that there was no coordinated war on medical marijuana, but that some individual clinics were breaking both state and federal laws.

We need more people to stand up and confront Obama’s administrations. After all, they have been lying to us all.

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