Kid Cudi Quit Smoking Marijuana

kid cudi marijuana

In 2010 Kid Cudi released the song “Marijuana” off The Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager.  The song reached moderate success, only peaking at #54 on the US and Canadian music charts.  The music video was directed by Shia LeBeouf.  The video was shot with a 8mm camera at the annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, where Kid Cudi was a judge.

From a recent interview with MTV, Kid Cudi talks about the “Marijuana” song and video.  The former Stoner talks about the process that went into making the video. He said that the video was a last hurrah for his days of smoking that sticky-icky.  Kid Cudi decided to quit smoking marijuana, however, he didn’t want to deprive people of the footage and the video because of his personal decisions. It was almost like a farewell video for Cudi’s smoking days because that was a big, memorable moment for him and watching it reminded him of all those good times he had.  When asked why he quit smoking marijuana, Cudi’s replay was “Man, you know, I’ve been doing this for a while, I went to Amsterdam and it doesn’t get much higher than that.”  Cudi also announced this past April that the decision to quit smoking weed came out of his desire to become more mature in his life and he also added if fans can’t respect his personal decision to quit, then they are not his real fans anyways.

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