Man Arrested After Posting Grow House On YouTube


Zachary Peak, 29, of Peachtree City, GA

First, Peak was arrested for Indecent Exposure last Friday after they found him swimming in a public pool without any clothes on. When police made the arrest at Glenloch Recreation Center, Peak invited the officer to “check out his YouTube channel.” “The officer didn’t think anything of it at first,” said Lt. Mark Brown. “He eventually got around to find some time to look up the gentleman’s YouTube page and found a significant grow house.”

Marijuana plants seized from grow house(Photo: Peachtree City Police)

Peak also posted the Indecent Exposure arrest on the video site. When police approached him at the pool Peak told police “I’m not a threat to society I promise you that.”

Police aren’t sure why Peak told the officer to look at his videos. Lt. Brown said he may not have realized what was on them. “The officers were able to secure a search warrant and we found 33 marijuana plants and articles to grow marijuana,” he said.

The videos are still on YouTube. One of them shows Peak inside the attic of his parents Peachtree City home where he was allegedly growing the marijuana. Another video shows Peak lighting and smoking from a bong.

Along with Indecent Exposure Peak is charged with Manufacturing, Possessing and Using marijuana.

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