Mikel Leshore Arrested For Marijuana

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Detroit Lions running back, Mikel Leshore, was charged with possession of marijuana and could miss some game time next year because of it.

Per the police report, the Baroda-Lake Township police cited Leshoure on March 12 in Lake Township, Berrien County after a car he was riding in was stopped traveling eastbound on I-94 near DC Cook Drive.  Donald Lee Stewart, Jr. was driving the car, rented by Leshoure.

While speaking with Stewart and Leshoure, officers on the scene observed that Leshoure was chewing marijuana and also observed small pieces of marijuana down the front of his shirt.  Leshoure was ordered to spit out the marijuana, which he did.

Police on the scene seized small amounts of marijuana from both front seats, the center console, and the front floorboards, along with a partially burned marijuana blunt from a cup of liquid on the center console. Both men were issued tickets for possession of marijuana.

This is the second time Leshoure is facing a possession of marijuana charge. On February 18 he was stopped in Benton Township. He plead guilty on March 1 to a reduced charge and paid a $485 fine.

Leshoure had been scheduled for a walk-in arraignment on Monday. However, he did not show up for the hearing. No bench warrant has been issued for Leshoure’s arrest, Ruhl a spokesperson for the county clerk’s office said, but one could be issued if Leshoure does not appear.

Leshoure is entering his second NFL season, but is virtually a rookie. The Lions 2011 second round pick tore his Achilles tendon in training camp last season and missed the entire season.

Both players could be subject to fines and/or suspensions according to NFL rules on drug-related offenses.

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