Mile High City – New Years 2013

mile high city

Although no businesses in the state of Colorado are selling pot yet since the law passed by voters in November mandated that in 2013, it’s not stopping people from enjoying it on New Years Eve.  Instead of champagne, some people in downtown Denver broke out their ganja and lit up in private smoking clubs allowed for the first time under the state’s new pot laws.

People filled out an online application and paid a $30 fee to become part of Club 64, a private marijuana club named after the new pot law, Amendment 64. Members were advised of a private location in downtown Denver where they could attend a New Year’s Eve party with other smokers.

“It went really well,” said Robert Corry, an attorney who serves as general counsel for the group and helped shape the language of Amendment 64. “We rented out a retail shop for the evening. We had a DJ, music, some dancing, there was a bar and people brought alcohol, people brought food. It was a very warm, fun, happy evening.”

It didn’t end in Denver, all across the state people were toking it up.  In Del Norte, business owner Paul Lovato invited friends and acquaintances to the White Horse Inn, a coffee shop he is building, where he said he hopes people will be allowed to smoke privately

It is still unclear when marijuana will be regulated and maybe distributed through local markets.  In the meantime people are still going to take advantage of the freedom to smoke!!

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