Nick Diaz UFC Fighter Tests Positive For THC

Nick Diaz - UFC

After UFC 143 fight in Las Vegas there were rumors surfacing that someone had tested positive for marijuana.  The rumors ended up being true and the suspected fighter ended up being Nick Diaz, which, sad to say, many people already assumed.  Nick is facing a fine and suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission after testing positive for marijuana.

This comes as a big surprise to many since being a fighter and all one would think testing positive for drugs would be for steroids or some other stimulate drug.  But that wasn’t the case hear, it was marijuana. This is the second time Diaz has been popped for pot.  The other time came at a Pride event in 2007, also in Vegas.

UFC’s president Dana White was not happy about the incident.  “I am beyond disappointed that he tested positive for marijuana,” White said in the statement that the UFC distributed to the media. “It is now in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.”

Does it make sense that a fighter can drink alcohol, but not smoke marijuana?

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