Nick Fairley Arrested For Marijuana

nick fairley mugshot

Defensive tackle, Nick Fairley, was arrested in Mobile, AL for marijuana possession. After being reported for speeding from a concerned citizen, Fairley was pulled over and during the stop, officers smelled marijuana in the vehicle and found a small amount in the ashtray.  Fairly was immediately arrested and charged with a misdemeanor possession charge.

Fairly is best known for winning the Lombardi award as the nation’s top lineman and winning the 2010 national title with Auburn. He was a first round pick from Detroit. The Lions released a statement saying they were aware of what happened with Fairley and that they were continuing to gather information. “We hold all of our players to a high standard of behavior and the recent charges against Nick and Mikel Leshoure are not consistent with those standards,” the statement says. “We are extremely disappointed.”

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