Selling Marijuana On Facebook

Facebook Censors Marijuana

As you are probably already aware, Facebook is one of the best know advertising networks out there. As for marijuana, you can advertise it on Facebook, but you can’t post pictures of it, which can be a touchy subject for the social networking leaders when dealing with those who express there love for the plant to online peers.

There are some California pot sellers misusing social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter for selling marijuana.  A Los Angeles-based non-profit medical-marijuana dispensary Artists Collective has decided to start promoting their services through social media including the free delivery of marijuana orders. While Northern California versions of these pot selling collectives generate a profit, none of the companies will accept orders from out of state. So if you were looking for an easy way to get your fix through Facebook, placing an order for some weed is probably not going to be the best way.  According to Facebook, Artist Collective will be disabled and further actions may take place.  A statement from Barry Schnitt of Facebook stated “we do not allow people to promote illegal activities on Facebook”.

Even though it’s illegal to sell marijuana on Facebook (or any other social media sites) that hasn’t stopped those connected with Facebook’s development team from supporting the medical marijuana legalization.  ABC News reported that Facebook co-founders Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz have both donated fairly significant sums in support of California’s Proposition 19 campaign, which seeks to legalize marijuana use across the state come this November’s election cycle.

Moskovitz left Facebook in 2008 after serving as a vice president at the company, and since then he has reportedly donated $70,000 in total toward the measure. Parker, co-founder of Napster and, perhaps more importantly, depicted by pop star Justin Timberlake in the recent release of The Social Network, has kicked in $100,000 to support the measure.  Approximately $2.4 million has been raised in support of Proposition 19 thus far, reports ABC News.

Update 2015

You really don’t see this happening anymore. There are many marijuana pages on Facebook now.

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