Cypress Hill’s – SmokeOut Festival 2012

cypress hill smokeout festival 2012

Every year the hip hop / rock music group, Cypress Hill, holds the festival known as SmokeOut in San Bernardino.  This year the festival took a different turn, putting up tents for people with legal marijuana cards to smoke in.  That’s right, show your license and get high legally.

Anyone with a medical marijuana license can get a bracelet that gives them access to a tent where they can legally consume marijuana. It’s just part of what makes the day-long event unusual.

The festival features a big-name mix of acts, from main stage closers Korn to Wiz Khalifa, MSTRKRFT, Gartner, Sublime with Rome, and many more, SmokeOut offered more than enough musical highlights to satisfy the thousands in attendance just to see a concert. The event also marked the official live debut of Cypress Hill’s collaboration with Rusko, though the two did join forces on stage in L.A. last year for one track.

Just two days before the festival, Cypress Hill’s B-Real joined about 150 people on a march to L.A.’s City Hall to protest recent crackdowns on medical marijuana and pot dispensaries by both the city and the Department of Justice, who recently declared the dispensaries illegal on a federal level.Korn’s Jonathan Davis came out largely in support of longtime friends Cypress. “If there was no Cypress Hill there’d be no Korn. They were a huge influence on the first Korn record,” he told Rolling Stone. Davis estimates that he hasn’t smoked in14 years – even longer than Gartner. But he is a fierce defender of the idea of legalizing weed.

“I think it’s everyone’s right to smoke, it should be legalized,” he said. “Marijuana lets people get high and laugh, that’s about the extent of it. There are no fucking hangovers, no crazy fistfights, no drama like alcohol causes, so I’ve always been a firm believer in marijuana rights and the medicinal rights. Let motherfuckers get high if they want to, it’s not hurting nobody.”

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