Texas Rangers Yu Darvish Supports Marijuana

Yu Darvish Marijuana

The Texas Rangers recently acquired 25yr old pitcher, Yu Darvish, from Japan.  Darvish made his first appearance in Texas memorable by showing off a marijuana leaf T-shirt for the whole world to see.

Once Darvish arrived in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport, eyebrows were raised and people were talking about the symbol on his t-shirt, that’s not exactly the type of thing that the Rangers want to see from a guy they just committed $111 million to, but before anybody jumps to conclusions, a Japanese news site reports that the explanation is that the shirt shows a Japanese maple leaf.

Darvish, was quickly asked about the t-shirt at his introductory press conference at Rangers Ballpark.  According to several reporters on the scene, Darvish just said he likes to wear shirts with English writing that he had no idea it symbolized an interest in Marijuana.

What Darvish? They don’t have marijuana in Japan? Yu supports Marijuana. By lying at the press conference, it keeps the Rangers from seeing their investment go up in smoke. With all controversy, and marijuana being one of the hottest topics these days, maybe they should just market the shirt to all of their vendors?  We all know people that would buy them.

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