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TH Seeds – Cold Creek Kush

This Amsterdam based seed bank is back after their 2010 top strain with Cold Creek Kush.  The High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame inaugural inductees, TH Seeds, are responsible for over 20 years of genetic leaps in breeding and are well regarded by the community.  The taste is familiar for those who already love OG Kush or East Coast Sour Diesel.  This Strain takes slightly longer to flower, but it’s worth it.

BC Bud Depot –  The Big

BC Bud Depot is  a repeat offender on the High Time top strains lists.  BC Bud Depot are back once again with The Big.

The menacing named “The Big” gives you some kind of idea of the effects this strain will have on you – a big plant for a big effect. With a devastatingly high level of THC, a hit from The Big is like a punch to the head from the a UFC Fighter – but rather than put you in hospital it proves itself as an excellent medicinal choice for chronic pain relief and relaxation.

Greenhouse – Exodus Cheese

Greenhouse seeds won a place in the 2010 High Times top strains with Super Lemon Haze, now there back again this year with Exodus Cheese which has won a place this year.

The Exodus Cheese strain is a firm favorite from the UK;  Known for its earthy, mossy flavor and woody notes, Exodus Cheese gives a slow creeping very stoned effect, which lasts for a long time.

Dinafem – Critical +

A last year award winning Spanish breeder returns; having featured  Haze Automatic in 2010, they are now back with into the 2011 honors with Critical +.

Having already received the Highlife Glass of Barcelona, Critical + is very sure of itself as a fantastic Indica Strain. This intensely Skunky crop offers high yields and potent, yet delicious flavors with a fruit skunk aroma.

Cali Connections – Larry OG Kush

One of the only new faces on these years High Times list is Cali Connections, which have made huge progress recently in spite of being such a young breeder.

Born from the OG Kush Larry Clone mixed with SFV OG Kush, Larry OG Kush promises high yields and poignant lemon scented, sticky buds.

 TGA Genetics Subcool Seeds – Cheese Quake

TGA Subcool Seeds never seem to grow tired of seeing their name appear on the High Times top strains lists, following their 2010 entry with Chernobyl they are on it again with Cheese Quake.

This funky offering from TGA Subcool is a pungent smoke with hints of cheese and fruits along with a musty sour smell and hints of grape.

Barney’s Farm – Tangerine Dream

These Dutch favorites are back again; last year they featured Vanilla Kush and this year they are featuring Tangerine Dream.

Tangerine Dream offers a taste sensation, which is a citrus fruit hit. With THC content of 25% minimum, it is a potent plant, which can take care of itself whilst growing, with strong branches able to support the dense flowers. Tangerine Dream is a high yielding and delightful, it is not surprising why it is loved by growers and smokers the world over.

DNA Genetics – Kosher Kush

The East cost genetics wizards DNA, came through last year with their Sour Kush strain, and this year they are featuring Kush, this time of the Kosher variety.

This strain is like gold dust currently, with only a small amount available.  A smooth and a quick hit and has become a highly coveted strain.

Mandala Seeds – Krystalika

Mandala seeds are entered into this year’s 2011 top 10 strains with Krystalika. This excellent medical grade marijuana is a smooth but potent high. The sweet, almost fruit aroma of pineapple and bubblegum combine well with its potency helping relaxation without overpowering you. Krystalika is a limited run by Mandala and can often be hard to acquire.

Dr Greenthumb Iranian Auto Flower

Similar to that of AK-47 or White Widow, Iranian Auto Flower features Dr Greenthumb onto the 2011 honors for the High Times top 10 strains of 2011. Dr Greenthumb’s high points are the yield and potency of their strains along with their “certified disease-free” status – ensuring protection from viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

So there you have it; that was 2011 in strains brought to you by the good people at High Times.

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