Hershey Sues For Trademark Infringement About Marijuana

Edible THC Product That Hershey's Is Suing.

How do you confuse “Hershey’s Almond Joy” with with “Ganja Joy” an edible marijuana product?

How about mistakenly buying a “Dabby Patty” thinking it was a “York peppermint patty”?

The bigwigs at Hershey have more disposable income than brains. The sad thing is that with there teams of lawyers, a small Colorado based THC edibles company couldn’t afford to fight the chocolate goliath, even though the trademarked brands are not even close to confusion.

The Denver Channel reports that Hershey recently filed the lawsuit in a federal court in Denver, alleging trademark infringement and dilution.

“Defendants, who are well aware of the fame and popularity of these Hershey products and marks, are manufacturing and selling cannabis- and/or tetrahydrocannabinol-laced chocolate and candy products,” reads the complaint, “using names, marks and designs that are knock-offs of Hershey’s famous REESE’S, HEATH, ALMOND JOY and YORK trademarks and trade dresses, in order to increase sales of defendants’ cannabis and tetrahydrocannabinol candy products, draw additional attention to their products, confuse consumers as to the source of their products, call to consumers’ minds Hershey’s famous and beloved brands, and otherwise to trade on the goodwill of Hershey and its brands.”

You should look at our trademark section to see what companies are buying up marijuana related trademarks. Even Marlboro & others have registered trademarks on THC related products! View the list of legal trademarks we have documented from the USA trademark website.

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