A Few Tips on Growing Marijuana

growing marijuana tips

Growing marijuana can be a enjoyable and rewarding recreation, but it takes a lot of time and dedication. You can grow marijuana from seed to bud in a little over a month, but if you want a good high-quality marijuana, you should expect to spend 3-5 months caring for your plants.

Marijuana comes in many different varieties or “cannabis strains” and so there are many to fit your needs when you start to grow your own high quality marijuana. Although marijuana comes in two basic types, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.  Below explains the two types:

  • Indica’s are short, and very dense with thick broad leaves and short thick branches. Indica marijuana plants are usually a deep dark green color and sometimes have purple and bright, white highlights. Indica’s usually do better with slightly less sunlight and slightly cooler temperatures. The effects of the indica strains are a deep down heavy body type buzz.
  • Sativa’s are tall thin plants, with wide thin leaves. Their branches are long,thin and spread out wide giving the sativa a lean or even frail look. The sativa marijuana plant is usually a very lightish green and can sometimes have orange and bright, white highlights. These plants usually require higher temperatures and more light. The effects of cannabis sativa are more of energetic and cerebral, sometimes referred to as uplifting. Some people prone to paranoia often complain of its effects more with the sativa dominated marijuana strain.

There are many different ways to grow marijuana, here are a few tips to help you out:

Growing Marijuana Tips:

  • Keep enriching your cannabis plants with fresh air even until the end of harvest, it increases growth rate, hastens maturity and increases yield. Adequate ventilation cycles are a must.
  • Change your grow lights every year, the color spectrum effectiveness diminishes over time.
  • Don’t put old HID bulbs in new electronic and digital ballasts, it’ll work but the bulb will fail faster, their incompatible, find the new lights made for the new ballast.
  • Try a few different new fertilizers on a few of your plants to figure out the best fertilizer for your grow garden.
  • When growing hydroponic marijuana use Ph meters, it’s important to have the right measurement.
  • Don’t wait for color change, use a microscope to see when your plant is ready for harvest, it should have 2/3 balls on the tops of the crystals of THC.
  • Don’t go into your grow room during the night cycle, leave it alone.
  • When cutting your plants make sure you sterilize your scissors or clippers, wash your hands regularly, bacteria and fungus contamination is easy. Some growers are now using a fungicide on seeds before and during the germination process.

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