Give Your Plants Complements

High Pressure Sodium Lamps With Marijuana Plants

Imagine what your plants are feeling while they grow. Your process on growing should be a spiritual one that stimulates your plants THC production. You should transcend your energy into your growing endeavors, so as to communicate with your crop daily. Nobody want’s to feel like they’re on a production line, common, mundane, etc… Play music, have conversations, trim them daily. Breath on them. Keep it everything but routine. Make her feel good to be alive, not boring and dull. All of this stimulates your plants. Nurturing them into reproductive mode creates a completely different flower than when you neglect them during vegetation.

The potency of marijuana has gone up on average of 6% in 30 years. Human interaction has made a significant change in the average plants THC level. From communication with a seedling, till harvesting, you should give your plants complements and be interactive with them if you want that sticky, potent, high yielding return.

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