Marijuana Vaporizer – A Better Choice For Smoking

girl using marijuana vaporizer

There are several ways you can consume marijuana. You can smoke it, eat it, absorb it through skin, or use a marijuana vaporizer. If you are the type that enjoys smoking, keep this in mind. Here are 4 reasons why using a vaporizer is better than smoking marijuana:

1. A marijuana vaporizer eliminates harmful toxins

Vaporizing avoids burning of plant matter, keeping your lungs clear of harmful by-products such as tar and carbon monoxide while providing all the benefits of cannabinoids such as THC. By heating cannabis to a temperature that is below the combustion point, the cannabinoids present on the trichome heads of the dried marijuana are extracted into a concentrated vapor. This provides a much cleaner effect while producing no measurable amounts of benzene, toluene, and naphthalene, which are generated when medical marijuana is smoked.

2. A marijuana vaporizer is more efficient than combustion

Vaporizers offer a much more efficient method of extracting active cannabinoids from dried marijuana, requiring far less material to achieve the same therapeutic effect. When medical marijuana is smoked, a large portion of the active ingredients such as THC and CBD are lost in side-stream smoke and combustion, hence resulting in a maximum of 30% of the total active ingredients being absorbed through the patient’s lungs. Vaporization, on the other hand, is much more efficient as there is no loss of cannabinoids due to pyrolysis. It is estimated that up to 60% of the THC is delivered by a vaporizer.

3. Marijuana Vaporizers are discreet

Vaporizing marijuana is much simpler and more discreet as compared to combustion, as the vapor is relatively odorless and dissipates much quicker than smoke. There is also no ash to be left behind since combustion is not involved in the process.

4. Vaporizing allows you to select temperature-dependent effects

The range of temperatures in which all cannabinoids evaporate lies between 157 and 220 degrees Celsius. Using a vaporizer with various temperature settings such as the Zeus Smite, you can decide what temperature is used to heat your marijuana, and therefore which cannabinoids and terpenoids are released into your vapor. Typically, using lower temperatures delivers a more cerebral and energetic effect, useful for the daytime. Higher temperatures can be used at night for a more sedative effect.

As you can see, vaporizing marijuana offers several clear benefits over smoking. By providing all the cannabinoids without any harmful by-products, vaporizers are ideal for the consumption of medical marijuana.

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