Arizona – Mexico Tunnel Connection Found

Arizona Mexico Border

Another drug smuggling tunnel connecting Mexico and the US has been discovered in Arizona.  The U.S. police in Nogales, Arizona, uncovered the tunnel on Thursday and said the 110-foot-long tunnel measured two feet wide by two feet tall, and was shored up with timber.  This is the latest of more than 20 tunnels found under the border in the past few years.

The passageway ran about five feet below ground from the yard of a house in Nogales, Mexico, to an opening concealed by plants and rocks on an embankment in the Arizona city of the same name.  Cartels use underground tunnels to reach U.S. border cities in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California from Mexico to avoid the extra security along the line.

The tunnel, the latest of 22 illicit passageways found in the Nogales area in the past three years, was likely completed this week. Agents made no arrests, but found 550 pounds of marijuana inside in bundles while securing the tunnel.  Most of the Nogales-area tunnels branch off from a shared drainage system running beneath the streets of the two neighboring cities.

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