Dabbing is Becoming a New Way to get High

Dabbing is Becoming a New Way to get High

Dabbing is Becoming a New Way to get High

Dabbing marijuana seems to be the new way of getting high,

What is dabbing? “Dab” is a endearing term for consuming cannabis medicines through using super-critical extracted cannabis concentrate that is normally ”dabbed” on to a heated surface and the vapor that is created by dabbing the medicine on the heated surface is inhaled by the patient. Dabbing is a single dose of hash oil or vaporizing pure marijuana oils known as BHO or butane honey oil. The amount of hash oil one will be consuming in one hit.

Some say dabs are awesome and becoming a great way to take 1 hit and be done for. There are a few ways to dab, one is a skillet, which looks like little cymbals that you pretty much heat up with a blow torch, then apply the wax to your paper clip. Another is the glass nail, you can get a bowl with a glass nail, in which you remove the lid, take your blow torch and heat up the glass nail. There are many other ways to dag and new dabbing rigs are popping up everywhere. Some people really enjoy it, some say it is too strong. What do you think?

Here are 2 basic dab setups

A Basic Dab Setup

A Basic Dab Setup

Dabbing Kit
1 Blowtorch
1 Bong
1 Bowl / Nail
Some Wax / Dab

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  1. ReplyTad

    I think its up to ones self if they want to or need too ..I use medically ,so im not sitting around with my “homeboys “getting baked” but I find its safer for me to consume that amount of BHO at one time then it would be for me to smoke that much plant matter . plus it would kill my lungs in weeks im thinking . its like the “Total Cereal commercial ” I could not smoke the amount that I need at times . Dabbing allows my to do so “as Needed”

  2. ReplyMike

    What about the Butane fluid chemical?….How do you really know that it has been burned off? I really want to try dabbing but I def do not want to be inhaling any chemicals. From my research, its very controversial without science to back it up. Some say the Butane burns off, and it helps if you heat the pyrex over boiling water, or add alcohol to insure full evaporation…but is there any proof before I start ingesting chemicals?

  3. ReplyHempShare

    It seems they would cook away the THC? I guess until I dab next month I won’t know, but at a burn-off of 190C for THC controlling the optimum temperature between 140-160C seems pretty tough with a blow torch?

  4. ReplyMircooI

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    1. Avatar of Eric LeRoy
      ReplyEric LeRoy

      We don’t buy backlinks or do anything devious to try and get ourselves popular. Our quality posts, and growing member base is what sets us apart from other sites, besides, why use backlinks when you have word-of-mouth? I wouldn’t quit your day job. You don’t seem to know anything about social marketing and SEO. No offense.

  5. ReplyM3MouldyBuds

    I medicate using an oil/wax vaporizer, same principle no butane used no additives no chemicals, unit has a coil which is heated to optimum temp almost instantly with little to no combustion unit also plugs into my wall to charge (so it has a battery) to supply power to the coil. Truly advanced and enables me to medicate only as needed which is preferred and I have medicated for over 15 years using combustion and this is by far the best method (vaporizer). The future is here! Excelsior!

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