K2 – Banned in Indiana

k2 spice

The Indiana House voted to ban ban chemical compounds that make up the synthetic marijuana, known as “K2″ or “Spice,  on Tuesday the would punish stores that sell the drug.  The vote was unanimous to ban it., 93-0 to be exact.

The synthetic drug has become very popular among teens causing real health issues.  Senate Bill 234 expands the list of prohibited compounds that make up synthetic marijuana and “bath salts,” and declares that compounds nearly identical at the atomic level but not specifically listed also are prohibited.

Under the legislation, businesses convicted of selling synthetic marijuana or “bath salts” would lose their retail merchant certificate for one year. Without the certificate, a retailer cannot sell anything. Lawmakers said they expect the threat of a one-year shutdown will make businesses stop selling the drugs.”It’s a real problem,” said state Rep. Vernon Smith, D-Gary. “It seems like these independent service stations do whatever they want to do.”

Changes to the legislation made by the Republican-controlled House must be approved by the Republican-controlled Senate before it can go to the governor.

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