Jacob Lavoro – 10 Years To Life For THC Brownies

Jacob Lavoro

In Texas, Jacob Lavoro, got charged with a 1st degree felony because of 1.5 pounds of marijuana-laced brownies.

Doesn’t everyone agree this is wrong?

– No criminal record
– $1,675 in cash
– 19 year old kid
– 1.5 Pounds of THC Brownies

Lavoro is facing this harsh sentence because of the Mandatory Minimum Drug Law established by the Feds, to help people convicted of a drug charge to snitch on the people that supplied the drugs. It is a very bad federal law that does much more harm than good.

Prosecutors in Texas are required to ask for minimum sentences under state law. They’ve weighed baked goods and counted the weight of the brownies the same as the weight of pure marijuana. His charge should have been a misdemeanor.

Mark Brunner of the district attorney’s office explained,
“If I take 1 gram of hash oil and mix it (dilute it) into 500 grams of brownie mix, eggs, water, vegetable oil, etc., I now have 501 grams of a controlled substance. Not 1 gram, but 501 grams. I have just taken a low-level felony and made it into a first degree felony.”

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