Kentucky Senate Bill 129 – Reschedule Marijuana

Kentucky Medical Marijuana

Senate Bill 129, The Gatewood Galbraith Memorial Medical Marijuana Act, was recently filed in Kentucky by Senator Perry Clark.  The bill will reschedule marijuana from Schedule I dangerous and having no medical value to Schedule II dangerous but having medical value so it can be prescribed by a doctor. Kentucky has a reputation for growing some of the best domestic marijuana in the nation.  The state had a large hemp industry before prohibition killed it.

All the states bordering Kentucky are currently working on their own medical marijuana laws and one is going to have full legalization on the ballot this November.  Ohio with 2 separate groups working on ballot initiatives.  West Virginia has HB 3251 allowing for cultivation and pharmacies. Virginia has introduced both decriminalization and medical bills during the latest session of their Assembly. Tennessee has HB 254 and SB 251, The Safe Access To Medical Cannabis Act. Missouri will have HB 121 allowing for cultivation and pharmacies, and a ballot initiative on full legalization. Illinois has HB 30 which creates a 3 year pilot program of State registered patients and pharmacies, and finally Indiana has HB 1370 also allowing for registered patients and pharmacies.  Looks like Kentucky is pressing down the hardest, so hopefully they can set an example for the other states.

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