Marijuana Billboards Going Up In Florida

Legalize Medical Marijuana Missouri 2016

Two 48 foot billboards are going up in Florida to promote the legalization of marijuana.  The billboards were placed on a well traveled road.  The giant billboards are sponsored by The Silver Tour, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating senior voters about medical marijuana.

The Silver Tour’s founder, and Director of NORML of Florida, Robert Platshorn is the man who convinced Lake Worth Representative Jeff Clemens to file Florida’s first bill for medical marijuana in Tallahassee. The billboards are part of a three prong plan to push for the passage of medical marijuana in Florida.  The Silver Tour has been doing live shows at senior communities and reform Temples in South Florida. The shows feature doctors, nurses, patients, lawyers and politicians who support legalization of medical marijuana.

The Silver Tour is non-profit organization, supported by contributions from citizens and businesses who believe that Florida should join the 16 states and D.C. that have already made medical marijuana available for a host of ailments. Seventeen more states including Florida are considering medical marijuana legislation this year. These first two billboards were donated to the Silver Tour by Charles Stroud, a disabled Pennsylvania truck driver who has good reason to believe deeply in the efficacy of marijuana.

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