Marijuana DUI Blood limits is Rejected Again in Colorado

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As the debate continues for what should be the legal limit to drive under the influence of marijuana, law makers have still been trying to pass the limit testing. But for the third time in Colorado, a marijuana blood limit for drivers was rejected Tuesday. Lawmakers from both parties argued about how to fairly gauge whether someone is too stoned to get behind the wheel.

The bill would have made Colorado the third state in the nation with a blood-level limit for marijuana, much as the nation has a blood-alcohol limit of .08. Currently, drugged-driving convictions depend on officer observations. So if the officer thinks your stoned, he can bring you in.

The Colorado Senate fell a single vote short on the bill setting a drivers’ blood standard for THC the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The measure failed on a 17-17 tie, one vote short of the number needed to advance it.

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