Mississippi Marijuana Policy Project Banned From Raising Money


In an email from Marijuana Policy Project’s Rob Kampia sent out today reveals the state of Mississippi is banning MPP from raising any money in the state because Kampia is a convicted felon (for growing marijuana while in college 26 years ago).

It’s especially frustrating because Mississippi’s marijuana laws are archaic and are in need of reform. So the laws aren’t going to change, and the MPP can’t raise money to try to change them. That’s democracy at work for the people. Kampia’s statement is a call to action from all cannabis supporters:

Dear MPP supporter,

The Mississippi government is saying that MPP is prohibited from raising money in that state because I’m a convicted felon.

After I was convicted for growing my own marijuana while in college, I co-founded MPP in order to repeal marijuana prohibition in all 50 states — something we can no longer do in Mississippi. This is a circular “double screw.”

Worse yet, we’re not even allowed to raise money in Mississippi to challenge the state’s stupid fundraising law.

Because I’m not allowed to send this email to MPP’s subscribers in Mississippi, I’m hereby asking you to donate to MPP today so that we can challenge Mississippi’s bad fundraising law and continue our work to change some of the nation’s worst marijuana laws.

This isn’t the first time MPP has been discriminated against.

For example, (1) MPP almost lost our employees’ retirement plan until a member of Congress intervened, (2) the bank where we’ve been doing business for 20 years won’t give us a line of credit because they don’t like our “mission,” (3) we had trouble opening a brokerage account, (4) we had trouble getting credit card processing for our five ballot initiative committees, (5) numerous landlords wouldn’t lease office space to us or our campaigns, and (6) the IRS has audited us twice.

And now we can’t raise any money in the entire state of Mississippi because of a marijuana conviction 26 years ago?

Please share this if you agree that Rob Kampia should be able to continue raising funds with MPP.

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