Montel William – New Spokesman For Marijuana Clinic


Montel Williams, a former talk show host, has become an official spokesman for a California medical marijuana clinic.  Williams has used the drug legally for 10 years since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over a decade ago.  Montel’s values are strong, politically popular, and validated by science. Given his previous military service to his country, it’s easy to say that he’s an American hero.

Williams appeared in Sacramento to announce a partnership with a new enterprise, a medical marijuana dispensary.  Montel is now partnering up with Abatin Wellness to counsel medicinal marijuana users of the proper dosage based on their condition and medical history.  In a news conference at the newly renovated offices of the former Capital Wellness Center, Williams spoke about his own battle with multiple sclerosis and why he turned to marijuana to alleviate near-constant neurological pain.  “Prescription drugs nearly shut down my kidneys. Then a doctor suggested I try medical marijuana,” said Williams, who credits pot for improving his health and well-being.

Earlier this year, Montel Williams was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.  The sheriff’s office says Williams paid the $484 citation and was released to continue his travel.

His influence certainly shines through in the appearance of the dispensary, which is better shown from at least some other facilities that advertise their product in windows and display it openly in glass cases. The building is dull and plain, at least on the outside.  Williams wants the Albatin Wellness Cooperative to be the gold standard for marijuana dispensaries. The center officially opened.

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