New Mexico Marijuana Patients Are Running Out Of Patience

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New Mexico patients are running out of patients.  While the drug wars continue in Mexico, New Mexico patients are trying to make it easier to gain access to medical marijuana for a variety of medical conditions.

New Mexico Doctors can recommend medical marijuana to patients that suffer from one of 16 approved medical conditions.  These days with the federal government continuing to crack down on medical marijuana it is harder to get.  Maybe they should spend more of their time cracking down on drug smugglers at the borders?  Patients are allowed to buy marijuana from non-profit licensed producers or to grow limited number of plants themselves, that is if the feds don’ catch them.

Just across the border in Mexico, rival drug cartels are killing many of there rival cartels, as well as innocent bystanders, in a bloody fight for smuggling routes to the U.S.  In nearby Ciudad Juarez the violence has claimed an estimated 10,000 lives since 2006.

On the U.S. side of the border the federal government has finally mounted a massive effort to stop cartels from smuggling drugs into the country. Ironically, a few former federal law enforcement officers who took part in the war on drugs are now patients who use medical marijuana.  One patient that used to work for a U.S. federal law enforcement agency on the border for years, now uses medical marijuana for chronic pain caused by an old gunshot wound he suffered years ago during a drug bust.  New Mexico now has more than 5,000 certified patients.

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