Ohio Billionaire Backing Massachusettes Marijuana Legalization

Peter B. Lewis of Progressive Insurance

Peter Lewis, and Ohio billionaire, is paying for a ballot question supporting the medicinal use of marijuana in Massachusetts almost entirely himself, according to the Boston Herald.  Lewis is the chairman of insurance company Progressive Corporation and is a well known marijuana advocate.  The has back other state including Ohio and Washington.

Lewis contributed $525,000 to the Committee for Compassionate Medicine, which supports the medicinal use of marijuana, the state campaign finance reports. The group raised a total of $526,000, which means that all but $1,000 was funded by Lewis. Most of the money went to pay for professional signature gatherers, who gathered signatures in order to guarantee that the question would get a spot on the upcoming November ballot.

The Massachusetts ballot question would allow patients with debilitating medical conditions such as cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis to get permission from their doctors to use marijuana.

The financial support will definitely boost the fight for legalizing marijuana.  Who says money can’t buy happiness?

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