Perry Clark For Recreational Marijuana in Kentucky

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Sen. Perry Clark of Louisville has been trying for years — unsuccessfully — to legalize medical marijuana. Now, he’s going a step further, with a bill that would allow Kentuckians to light up recreationally.

Perry Clark For Recreational Marijuana in Kentucky

“It’s time for us to leap boldly into the future,” Clark told THC News.

Sen. Clark’s bill would decriminalize and regulate the possession, cultivation and sale of marijuana.

“It is not a hard drug. It is senseless that you have cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug with heroin and LSD,” he said.

Like Colorado, licensed dispensaries would be allowed to sell marijuana to the public, generating, Clark says, millions in tax revenue.

“We have got to fix this pension issue. I know of no one that has come up with any kind of credible answer,” said Clark.

Perry’s answer is the so-called “Cannabis Freedom Act.” It would allow the sale of marijuana at licensed retail stores. Customers must be age 21 and over, though people under 21 could get marijuana if prescribed by a doctor. The bill allows possession of up to one ounce, and the private cultivation of up to five plants. There would be no smoking in public places.

Clark says it’s time to bring the multi-billion marijuana industry out into the open.

“If Kentucky, as in Colorado and other states, can capitalize, bring some of that to the surface, shine the light of day on that, and benefit from that, why would we not at this point?” said Clark.

There are plenty of reasons why not, says Martin Cothran of the Family Foundation of Kentucky.

“Do we want to send the message that smoking marijuana is okay?” said Cothran.

Cothran says Clark’s bill would effectively give marijuana the state’s stamp of approval, and make it even more readily available, especially to young people.

“So the question is, do we want to more people using more marijuana? Is that what we want? That’s the question people have to ask. That’s the question legislators have to ask if they vote for this bill. Do they want more people using marijuana?” Cothran said.

But Clark says it’s time to clear the air about marijuana. He believes it’s no different than alcohol, and should be treated just the same.

“We have criminalized people and vilified a plant that is actually, probably, benign and beneficial to us,” said Clark.

Perry admits his bill is a long shot for passage, but says public support could change minds.

No doubt both sides will be burning up the phones lines to Frankfort.

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One comment on “Perry Clark For Recreational Marijuana in Kentucky”

  1. Joe Richards

    #CannabisFreedomAct Kentucky Senator Pushes for Marijuana Legalization | 420 Meta Thank you for your call. I appreciate that you took the time to share your experiences. The Kentucky General Assembly needs to address this issue now. The Cannabis Freedom Act repeals Kentucky’s current total prohibition on marijuana cultivation, possession, and sale and replace it with a regulatory framework designed to promote public safety and responsible cannabis consumption by persons over 21 years of age.


    The important thing you can do to help get this passed is to reach out to your friends and family who support this issue. Then ALL of you need tocontact your legislators to tell them you support the Cannabis Freedom Act and that you want them to support it too.  If they do not know their state senator and representative, they can find it HERE. Write opinion letters to your local newspaper. Call your local radio station and ask them to do a segment on the issue. Anything that you can do to assist in raising awareness is greatly appreciated.


    Also, I know that there is a grassroots hashtag movement on twitter and facebook to raise awareness – ask everyone to use #CannabisFreedomAct on all of their posts.


    Attached is the summary for the Cannabis Freedom Act.


    Again, thank you for your support.


    Perry Clark

    State Senator




    Thank You,



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