Recreational Marijuana Legalized 2012 In Colorado And Washington

Legalize Medical Marijuana Missouri 2016

Washington & Colorado Have Legalized Marijuana!

Washington – Legalized Marijuana December 6, 2012

Colorado – Legalized Marijuana December 10, 2012

This graph on THC by Clarity Way, shows that Alaska, California, Nevada, Oregon will probably be the next to allow their people to smoke weed recreationally. Medicinal use of THC is bringing in over a billion dollars per year for the medicinal marijuana industry. With the economy the way it is, and California on the verge of bankruptcy, it’s a no brainer that they will be the next to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Marijuana Creates Jobs & Tax Money

these States would have to be on some delusional prescription drugs, and taking massive payoffs to not legalize it in the next election or two.

Arrests Involving Marijuana

In the past 25 years Washington and Colorado have a combined total of 450,000 arrests. The revenue created from arrests, fines, and court fees, have a significant role for collecting taxes, and now that the big wigs that control taxes realize that there could be another 34 billion per year in taxable revenue by legalizing weed, that’s what they are starting to do. It’s never been about the public’s opinion on marijuana, which we are now starting to hear. It’s been about that money. So, get prepared for the next election, and vote yes for THC in your State!

Lets see if these other politicians are smart enough to follow this chart

Legalizing-Marijuana-CO-WA-Recreational -
Legalizing-Marijuana-CO-WA-Recreational –

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