Spice – Not A Safe Alternative To Marijuana


Synthetic marijuana also known as K2, or Spice has become popular in the recent years, mostly among teenagers, and people looking to beat drug tests.  But what most people don’t know is that synthetic marijuana is not safe.  It has been a substitute for illegal drugs which can be purchased at local stores, but the fact is that synthetic marijuana can be actually more dangerous than some illegal drugs.

According to reports, people say synthetic marijuana gives the same high as real marijuana without the THC lingering for drug tests.  However, people that us it have no idea what their putting into their bodies. Spice is actually incense with extra chemicals to get them high.  Synthetic marijuana has been linked to several severe health problems such as depression, psychological issues, hallucinations and even death.  So ask yourself, do you really want to inhale or consume incenses or any other chemical into you body that no one has no idea what the hell is in it?

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