Travis Braunm – 19 Year Sentence For Growing 522 Marijuana Plants

travis braunm

A Knox County man Travis Braunm, was convicted of growing 522 marijuana plants and sentenced Wednesday to serve 19 years in prison.

Travis Joe Braunm, 33, received an enhanced sentence based on his prior criminal convictions including multiple felony convictions in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Braunm must also pay a $100,000 fine asses by the jury at trial.

In September, a jury found Braunm guilty of manufacturing marijuana, possession with intent to sell marijuana and possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Assistant District Attorneys said Braunm manufactured marijuana at two locations on the 1800 block of Thompson Road in west Knox County.

The Office of the District Attorney General said the case began in June 2010 with a report of domestic committed by Travis Braunm against his ex-girlfriend.

A sergeant with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office discovered Braunm had outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court to answer for previous charges.

The sergeant tracked down Travis Braunm at a motel off Lovell Road, and took him into custody on the outstanding warrants.

Braunm had marijuana and $11,000 in cash with him at the motel.

The investigation uncovered that Travis Braunm was keeping drugs, firearms, ammunition and cash at the two locations on the 1800 block of Thompson Road.

The sergeant obtained a search warrant on the two Thompson Road homes that was executed on June 10, 2010. At the scene, officers found 522 marijuana plants in an outdoor grow, grow cabinets used in the early stages of marijuana cultivation, $32,000 cash, multiple firearms, ammunition and other items of drug paraphernalia.

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