Strains March 20, 2012

Belladonna is a sativa type strain.  The buds are light green with lots of red hairs and covered in crystals. This stain has a very […]

Strains March 13, 2012
Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit is a hybrid strain from a Thai origin.  It usually has bright green in color with lots of purple and orange hairs embedded […]

Strains March 13, 2012

Papaya is a indica dominant hybrid that comes from an Afghani strain of cannabis.  The buds are light green with orange hairs.  It is also […]

Strains March 8, 2012

Frankenberry is an Indica type strain that some will say is the worlds purplest bud.  The buds are almost completely purple, sometime you will find […]

Strains March 6, 2012
Wonder Women

Wonder Women is a Sativa / Indica hybrid from nirvana seeds.  It is one of the new high volume cannabis strains on the market.  The […]

Strains March 6, 2012
Grape Kush

Grape Kush is a indica type strain and is a productive hybrid that has fruity aromas  Very nice looking with a mixed of greens and […]

Strains March 6, 2012

Cheese is a hybrid Sativa dominant strain.  The name says it all, literally it smells and tastes like cheese.  The buds are completely covered in […]