How To Make Money Selling Drugs

You thinking about selling drugs?

How To Make Money Selling Drugs gives you a step by step insight on what it’s like to slang drugs. From street soldier to international cartel, this is an awesome video, and it’s a THC recommendation that you watch it. You get the good, the bad, the ugly and awesome angles of what it’s like to sell drugs.

How To Make Money Selling Drugs: 50-cent, ex-DEA, counter intelligence, mandatory minimums, beating drug charges, snitching, it’s all here.

It’s a very educational video that doesn’t necessarily glamorize the game. It show the pros and cons and we at THC think that it should be on the same list of videos shown to middle school students as the stupid sex, and drug videos that we all remember watching. This one is amazing, informative and to the point with out propaganda or a corrupt agenda. It’s real. And you should watch it.

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