Reefer Madness – A 1936 Film on Marijuana

The incidents and characters portrayed in this motion depiction Refeer Madness, are purely fictional and any similarity to actual occurrences and living or deceased persons is coincidental.

Starring: Dorothy Short; Kenneth Craig
Reffer Madness: 1936

Reefer – The Real Public Enemy Number One!

It would not have been possible, otherwise, to sufficiently emphasize the frightful toll of the new drug menace which is destroying the youth of American in alarmingly increasing numbers Marijuana is that drug, a violent narcotic an unspeakable scourge.

It’s first effect is sudden violent, uncontrollable laughter; then come the dangerous hallucinations —> space expands —> time slows down, almost stands still…. fixed ideas come next, conjuring up monstrous extravagances =–> followed by emotional disturbances, the total inability to direct thoughts the lose of all power to resist physical emotions leading finally to acts of shocking violence… Ending often in incurable insanity.

But like most of America, we have been hand fed a bunch of lies regarding marijuana. THC is a miracle drug, brought by the gods to this planet that we all choose to freely destroy. There’s more hype about controlling marijuana than controlling Cocaine. I guess Reagan should be rolling over in his grave when in it comes to the war on drugs. Marijuana is no more a drug than salt, sugar, or corn.

Reefer Madness

In picturing its soul destroying effects no attempt was made to equivocate. The scenes and incidents, while fictionalized for the purposes of this story, are based upon actual research into the results of THC addiction.

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